I think perhaps the biggest mistake made when creating the current fediverse was making instances culturally significant (i.e., making instances islands of users with a shared interest). It has led to the current arms race between instances blocking and canceling each other.

In my (correct) opinion, an instance of a distributed peer-to-peer messaging system should be nothing more than a dumb node that serves as a message source and sink.

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@twylo i think that's a little reductive; many if not most people don't have the time and resources to effectively manage their own node. that said, i know some people who are running their own node and have invited me over, and i have my own node i've been considering transitioning to but I don't want to deal with the overhead atm.

that said i just closed the local tab early on and since then i've barely even noticed what instance i'm on.

@twylo (that said the current crisis is *exactly* the right moment to introduce new social coordination systems!)

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