I'm going to try bit-banging MFM data from a floppy drive with a Teensy 4.0 today!

... man that sounds dirty.

@kragen Much slower than I wanted :) Mainly trying to get a decent Teensy 4.0 dev environment set up!

@twylo What was the difficulty with the dev environment? You wanted something other than the Arduino IDE, or is it a question of hardware?

@kragen I was on a quest to do bare metal development with a Makefile and a text editor. I compromised and I'm still using the Arduino header files, but I eventually did get the Makefile to work!

@twylo that's great! yeah, tables of I/O register addresses at least are going to be pretty useful ;) avr-gcc and avr-libc are usually enough though? what did you end up needing from the Arduino headers?

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