Oh no, I've made a huge mistake. I am attempting to use Docker to manage the services on personal Linode host: A few static HTML sites, a MariaDB database, and Nextcloud. "It's easy!" they said. "It makes everything reproducible!" they said.

It's now three days into this exercise and I still can't get Nextcloud working behind an Nginx reverse proxy. In fact, I've managed to make it WORSE: Now I can't log in at all, and I don't know why.

@twylo Well, at least you're able to reproduce that behaviour...

@twylo hey, I've been in this boat a month ago, AMA
I have nginx unboxed and container for Nextcloud. Took me some time and also they had a very stupid database bug which didn't led me create initial account properly which I patched by hand and then it timed out during initial setup...

@twylo I installed nextcloud manually on my linode and while it was a pain at least it was all small manageable problems instead of one big problem.

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