I have started to experiment with roasting my own coffee at home using a small, inexpensive stovetop dingus called a Nuvo Eco, which is basically a ceramic pan. My first two batches have both been very tasty, but I think I want to go a bit past first crack to bring in a bit more of a roast flavor. I like a light roast, but these are super acidic and hyper caffeinated. Still very good flavor, though!

The major acid in green beans is chlorogenic. During the roast that acid is broken down into other organic acids. The longer (and/or darker) the roast, the more all the acids are broken down.
If you want to reduce the acidity without going into darker roast, you can use a slightly lower heat and longer roast.
I start out any new coffee just to the very first hints of second crack, shooting for about a 13 to 15 minute roast time, and adjust from there when necessary.

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