Amazon-owned companies to avoid 

Spoiler: Amazon owns a lot of stuff.

Personally, I'm going to avoid as much as possible during the strike (Prime Day). Let me know if I missed anything.

▪️ A9
▪️ AbeBooks
▪️ AWS (probably can't avoid this!)
▪️ Book Depository
▪️ ComiXology
▪️ GoodReads
▪️ Graphiq
▪️ IMDb
▪️ Twitch
▪️ Whole Foods
▪️ Woot
▪️ Zappos

I won't guilt you if you need Amazon to survive, but fortunately, I don't, so I'm going to do what I can.


Amazon-owned companies to avoid 

I had literally no idea they owned AbeBooks and now I'm crushed. That is a kick in the heart.

Amazon-owned companies to avoid 

@twylo yeah. I'd had a period of a year where I was using them as an amazon alternative. Oops!

re: Amazon-owned companies to avoid 

@lapis @twylo Whole Foods? Weird. Anyway, yeah, it's impossible to avoid AWS because the entire fucking internet runs on it.
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