Tell me something interesting about your username? I have used the name Kensanata online a lot. That was the name of my party leader in German Atlantis. “Kensanata, Hohepriester und Oberster Theologe des Hekolat Tempels in Lochinver.” (Kensanata, high priest and supreme theologician of the Hekolat temple in Lochinver.) Hekolat was a mountain god, silent and stoic; Lochinver was a stony vale in the Blue Mountains leading to a huge lake in the east. 1/2


I've gone by "Twylo" online (IRC, social networks, at work, etc...) for ages. I stole it from an episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show", where Rob has a dream that an alien from the planet Twilo (who looks like Danny Thomas) has come to take over the Earth. I misspelled it completely by accident, but I like my spelling better.

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