I've been using Ubuntu as my desktop Linux for so long now, I've forgotten the olden days. The early days. The fighting-with-XFree86-Configs days. The recompile-your-kernel-to-add-a-driver days. The window-manager-setup days. The printer battles. The audio battles.

We've come a long way. Not just Ubuntu, either, I mean any desktop distro.

@twylo If it helps establish context, I'm **STILL** having printer battles on Linux.

I've yet to successfully install CUPS on any distribution at all, including Ubuntu.

Oh dear! Just like the bad old days :(

I've had good luck with printing lately, but I'm not sure why. We have a networked Brother laser printer that's about a decade old. Windows can't even see it, but Ubuntu sees it right out if the box. I bet printer support is really spotty, though.

What model? I have an HP inkjet/scanner combo that my wife had for years, but I think it's on its last legs.

If I can get it working, I'm thinking of using a Raspberry Pi as a print server for the house (assuming the printer doesn't already work as such).

Raspberry Pi isn't a bad idea. Ours is a Brother HL-5370DW. It's definitely getting up there in years, but still works well.

@twylo @vertigo No prob with HP printer & Ubuntu (and derivative), here. Just add printer, search the network, found and added correctly. Both scan and print work like a charm.

I'm amazed how usable it all is, now I've returned after a few years away. Although I _was_ running Slackware before, to be fair. But now - now there are grumbles, but no more or less than I have with any other OS.

@twylo The "what chipset does this unbranded ethernet (or video, sound) card use" days...

@twylo I was there in '94.
Now we have the systemd days and the pulse audio days.

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