Oh hello, world! It's my first toot from Emacs using mastodon.el. You know what? This is pretty good. It's honestly a FAR better client than 'twittering-mode' ever was on the bird site.

Anyway, t his is really just a test. Let's see how it works!

@twylo Oh god twittering-mode was such a fucking mess. I might have to try out mastodon.el

@bamfic It's not terrible! It doesn't seem to support attaching an image (but it does DISPLAY images), so I'm sending this reply through the web interface so you can see what it looks like.

@twylo how exciting! i have intention to port mastodon.el to commonlisp for use in slime mode! the idea of doing ALL : - ) with emacs is soo hot.

@twylo How does it handle web links and embedded rich content?

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