I want to write a Usenet-style text based reader for the fediverse. I think that would be cool.

@twylo A gopher bridge to a Gopher server on SDF would also be nice.

@larsbrinkhoff @twylo LOL, I did something like this last year: I entered certain users' Mastodon RSS feeds into Gwene and read 'em in my usenet reader.

@deavmi I really really miss Usenet. I was pretty active on it from about 1992 to 2000 or so!

@twylo I am a youngster so wasn't alive during those times but good ol things like IRC and Usenet are things I still use. IRC a lot actually sometimes as it is distraction free to me when I am programming and need help for example. Usenet is a persistent IRC to me for getting the same type of help.

Usenet is good.

@deavmi Oh definitely, I'm still on IRC every day, I find it super useful. I haven't actually checked out Usenet in a while, but I still have an account on, I should try it out again and see what's still up.

@twylo I use rather as they have controlled spam moreso than Eternal September ever did.

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