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Do I sense a lack of confidence in your singing? When the volume of external sound (instruments, crowds, traffic) interferes with hearing yourself, it can throw your pitch off, which can then further deflate confidence.
If the guitar were turned down a bit, I think you'd hear yourself better, and we could hear the lyrics better.

@twovoyagers oh yes definitely detected correctly, and good advice! i might also use one of my mics next time. usually i just overproduce lol ( nydel.sdf.org/mk.2020.05/meerk )


I can definitely make out more of the lyrics on that one.

Noisy environment vs. quiet:

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@twovoyagers fuck fuck yes yes to this song, performance(!) & recording. i’m still in pre-demo, so as soon as the “song” is “written down so i don’t forget what i meant” i stop. i’ve got some krk v6’s a bunch of shures & can run my instruments thru an old m-audio interface (also i do tons of sub & modular synthesis so that’s quiet unless i turn on an extra pink oscillator — nobody’s that dumb i know but — i’m! did this before! & the label cut it into vinyl!!! 😂) d’y’know the mics used for Joy!?

> fuck fuck yes yes to this song, performance(!) & recording.

I certainly wasn't expecting that sort of reaction. Thanks! It's a Hoyt Axton song made famous by Three Dog Night. It's actually the least noisy of the open mic videos.
Two alternating sound guys there. Talked to one of them about his gear, but that was like 9 or 10 months ago, so no idea there except the restaurant owns the tower Bose that's sometimes at the back of the stage, sometimes off to the side. The "side"

guy said that was for feedback reasons. The "back" guy was so we could hear ourselves better.

Living room mic is a Novik FNK 840. Then there's a Xenyx (Behringer) Q1202USB mixer and a pair of Rockville DPM6's.

@twovoyagers the effects version — is it single voice with a clone melodically controlled? it can’t be the light chorus/delay i think i detect on the plucked strings can it, that’s separate innit?

The effects are from a TC Helicon HarmonyG-XT. That particular setting (factory default 4A) clones one voice that follows the bass note of the guitar chord, and another a 5th above the singer. I just got it this winter and wish I'd discovered such a thing existed 20 years ago when they came out.
That setting also has a slap effect which is what you're hearing on the strings. I usually like to keep a fairly light touch on the effects.

Just listened to it again, and maybe I inadvertently turned off the 5th above. I sure don't hear it.

@twovoyagers i kinda think at least one of us would hear 7 semis up, i played it a bunch last night and again this morning (i always loved that song — are any of the verses new? some of them i’ve never heard & though my work is kinda indie electronic now i used to play exclusively folk rock just me and a martin) & i didn’t notice a parallel fifth effect. but then again it’s a rather rich-yet-not-too-wide guitar and i’ve used fifths to build that kind of sound hmmm in fact ...

> are any of the verses new?

Pretty sure it's straight out of one of the many music books I have. Lyrics are all original.

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