"Until, years from now, when it will be noticed that the massive collection and speed-of-light retrieval of data have been of great value to large-scale organizations but have solved very little of importance to most people and have created at least as many problems for them as they may have solved."
- Neil Postman, "Amusing Ourselves to Death". 1984

debian and brew have totally opposite definitions of `update` and `upgrade`. And I can't remember that in the heat of things!

As part of being social in self-isolated world I hosted a meeting with my friends and it was remarkable. Absolutely 0 issues for all the 4 participants for that multi hour meeting!

Progress is a lie. We just shifted loading animations from hardware to software.

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Waiting while my laptop shits itself under heavy load makes me miss the HDD LED that used to be part of older machines. It provided the psychological benefit that something's going on under the hood.

We removed that, web became shit slow, and websites started adding all sorts of loading animations on the page. 🤷‍♂️

I'm reading "The Three Body Problem" by Cixin Liu and looking at the sunset feels different than everyday. It's a great book, almost feels like a tale of our time, so much in touch with reality. If someone comes and tells me something like that is happening right now, I'll believe them!

In case you're using eyebrowse in . using that with `desktop-mode` allows you to save the configuration across emacs/system restarts. That's a phenominal time saver, given that I usually have ~50-70 buffers arranged across different projects and "virtual desktops".

I thought when I go back to reading paper books (instead of reading them on Kindle), I'll have a much better reading experience and will finish more books. While the former is true, the latter depends mostly on the self control. My library allows to check out a lot of books at a time and the result is that I'm not completing half of them by the time due date comes. This causes a false sense of intellectualism while checking them out, and a true sense of failure when returning them.

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As technologists, we should talk in terms of concepts instead of products to discourage monopolies.

Don't say "just Google it", say "do a web search".
Don't say "I sent you the Excel sheet", say "I sent you the spreadsheet"

If people who don't know that there are search engines besides Google or that there are office applications besides Microsoft Office, they might ask what a search engine is or what a spreadsheet is. We should take this as an opportunity to educate people about alternatives.

A language is a dialect with an army and a navy.
- Max Weinreich

Internet just sucks me in.

What started as reading a CS paper ended up reading rants on the state of software.

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I don't know if I'll ever get used to emoji in blog posts. They just feel… out of place? Or like they're trying too hard to evoke sincerity.

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My latest post...

"A friend sent me this article and I found it to be a really good summary of what is wrong with capitalism in the United States and in an increasing extent the rest of the world. However, its proposed solutions don’t completely address the problem. This isn’t surprising as the intrinsic problems with capitalism as a system aren’t easy to solve for.... "


After putting it off for years(!), finally I've started with Matasano Crypto Challenges. Journey of a thousand miles, etc. I just hope that I keep the momentum instead of running after something more shiny.

I have a notes git repo. Just went through the history and realised ithe repo is 3 years old and one of the first few commit msg says: Made repo out of Dropbox data

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