Internet just sucks me in.

What started as reading a CS paper ended up reading rants on the state of software.

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I don't know if I'll ever get used to emoji in blog posts. They just feel… out of place? Or like they're trying too hard to evoke sincerity.

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My latest post...

"A friend sent me this article and I found it to be a really good summary of what is wrong with capitalism in the United States and in an increasing extent the rest of the world. However, its proposed solutions don’t completely address the problem. This isn’t surprising as the intrinsic problems with capitalism as a system aren’t easy to solve for.... "

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Hey, if you're in school and are having trouble paying for your textbooks, search them up on to find them for free.

I'm realizing that a lot of people at my college don't know this and are skipping meals to afford overpriced textbooks, so it may help someone on here too. #sharingiscaring

After putting it off for years(!), finally I've started with Matasano Crypto Challenges. Journey of a thousand miles, etc. I just hope that I keep the momentum instead of running after something more shiny.

I have a notes git repo. Just went through the history and realised ithe repo is 3 years old and one of the first few commit msg says: Made repo out of Dropbox data

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