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Geocities Gallery - a usable archive of Geocities: geocities.restorativland.org/

Best viewed in 800x600.

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I've discovered the other day the hackerspace carries the right brand of Vodka for an iconic cracker drink. If only it didn't smell disgusting, I'd consider trying it out.

* Get a "highball" glass;
* Put some ice cubes inside it (2 or 3);
* Add Martini Dry (From Martini & Rossi). Fill to 1/3;
* Add Moskowskaja Wodka (the only real Vodka). Fill to 2/3;
* Add a zest of lemon (From Malta or Southern France);
* Add a green "sound" olive (from Italy or Israel);
* Add Schweppes Indian Tonic. Fill to the brim.

> Sit deeper and relax, sip slowly and *feel* where the code of the protection scheme you are cracking "moves"... It's like a current... a slow tide. If you still do not believe me, just try it.


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Every day I pick #plastic #waste people have discarded along my #footpaths.

It pisses me off that companies are allowed to package or sell these. Young kids don't appreciate the impact yet. And then there are "grown-ups" that never grew up to the world's problems.

Please don't condone these companies, don't buy confectioneries in #SingleUse plastics.

@ParadeGrotesque I feel you. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but all play and no work would make jack a very happy boy

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"I asked Brian Kernighan..."

How did I get associated with this crowd? Humbling to be associated with these people

hello! I would like to take this opportunity to both ask for some help: unitedbsd.com/d/53-installing- and promote unitedbsd :) Thanks

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Slackware just updated GnuTLS to correct security issues:


Release announcement from GnuTLS: lists.gnupg.org/pipermail/gnut

Please note that the Slackware release is on the same day as the GnuTLS release. 😋

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Finally decided to take the plunge and start on . Thank you @romanzolotarev for the inspiring stories on runbsd.info!

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Yet another reason to love : yesterday was all containers security horror and woe.

Today, publishes a patch for LXC:


Once again the KISS principle of Slackware proves it is an excellent strategy.

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Anyone who uses Pinterest for... anything is pretty much an idiot.

Pinterest is probably one of the worst offender in the category of worst offender ever.

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