@wangziheng @IFRFSX @7kun2nd that was my old Thinkpad, which has been running Debian since I got it in 2007. 2-core Intel @ 2.0 GHz, 4 GB RAM (shared with GPU), and a really comfortable keyboard and 4:3 ratio display. It still sees occasional use, and every time I open it up I'm staggered by how big the display seems.

@matera about 9 years ago, I was desperate enough to double-bag an ebook reader and take it into a cold shower. The experience was better than slowly roasting in my living room, but it was not as good as how I always dreamed reading in the shower would be.

I have since moved and haven't had to try that trick again.

@stadham you don't have administrative privileges on the SDF host. If you think there's a runaway process running as root, try posting in BBOARD or contacting someone you believe to be an admin.

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anybody know about any boston area demonstrations this weekend?

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@solderpunk Google doesn't make money with web-search, it makes money with surveillance based advertisements...

"The Conscience of the Computer Industry" (dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/278) is a new read to me, and a good one. It is worth reading for chapter 7 ("A Denunciation of Killing Devices") alone.

Minor shock: listening to a stream of traditional Japanese music and recognizing the song "Moon Over Ruined Castle." You mean it's not just for students using Suzuki method books?!

Had a really serious dream last night that had surreal invocations of differential geometry and U.S. constitutional law. Not sure what to take away from that, except maybe I should go back to practicing from my differential geometry text.

It's not rooted in topological manifolds, which I think is partly due to its age. That's good for me, since I never did topology or analysis.

Maybe I should just crack open Munkres again. Yeah, I'll totally be able to stick with it this time.

Showing my age... just entered the command "oowriter" to bring up a word processor and suffered momentary confusion when nothing came up.

I first used StarOffice when it came with its own Windows-95-like MDI desktop, complete with Start menu analogue. soffice, oowriter, libreoffice ... it's not that many binary name changes, but I've already started losing track.

The IRS sent us a nice letter a few months ago notifying me of an oversight in our taxes. Turns out that we actually overpaid last year. Not sure this is the outcome that they expected; it's definitely not what I was expecting.

@mattcen thanks. Unfortunately, the hardware was left with my parents, out of state, and I won't have the chance to work on it for some time.

@mattcen I actually have one sitting around with the stock firmware, which I was planning on reflashing for my parents in order to replace the old WRT54GL that they use. It's somewhere in a pile of stuff at the moment. If I can find it this week, I ought to try reflashing it, and I can share which guides/steps seemed to work for me.

@mattcen I've had reasonable luck with Netgear's "Nighthawk AC1900", AKA R7000. It's reasonably cheap nowadays. I run Tomato by Shibby on it.

The reflashing process was a little fraught; I did something wrong and had to open it up, attach a bus pirate, and do a factory reset via serial terminal. Then I managed to reflash it with a proper OSS firmware image the right way.

It's worked great since then.

@xmanmonk @failtime curious. A grad school friend told me about a similar experience 10 years ago. He wrote a library for belief propagation on graphical models, which I was interested in. He declined to share it, because he was varying his meds at the time, and the code was... well...

Whew, it's hard to realize how worn down I get when I'm in the middle of a long period of sleep deprivation. Only after I start recovering sleep does the brain start firing properly again. That includes self-awareness.

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Skiing for the first time in two years tomorrow. Primary goal: no death or injuries.

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