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In case you haven't read this... Probably one of the most cyberpunk text ever created:

"I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter"


Shamelessly stolen from someone who posted this recently on the Fediverse.

@df5t0rw not sure how this works for the low fiber criteria, but vegan chili isn't too hard to put together. (Sweet potatoes and carrots could fill out for some of the beans, maybe?)

@trechnex I always imagined it as "v sounds with glottal stops separating them but all mashed together because this is a mental construct and not an actual sound, so you can say all the phones at once."

@arcalinea @ross I've seen a credible argument along similar lines that pushes back against the belief that all software must be copyleft. In this case, it focused on bottom-up distribution of wealth (releasing the fruit of significant efforts under the GPL and still having a comfortable roof over your head may imply a certain degree of privilege), rather than top-down (BigCo can more easily enclose free software and extract $$$ than any one smaller actor).

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@ross TLDR making information free was a mistake that will impoverish the middle class and enrich those who own the biggest servers.

@nydel concomitant. Entailment ("X and Y are mutually exclusive" => "X entails Y"). Synonymous (for the trivial case of "X and Y are not mutually exclusive because X is Y.")

Anyone have some good recommendations for spaced repetition drills for learning kana and/or hanzi? I've never studied Japanese, but picking up some familiarity with kana would be useful.

On the Mandarin side, studying hanzi would be helpful to supplement my limited exposure I've had to Modern Standard Mandarin and would let me fake familiarity with kanji.

Duolingo doesn't cut it. I found enough quality control issues and limitations on their platform that I'd rather use another resource.

I am now afraid of most of the food in our fridge because of how ill I got on Sunday. Buuut I guess a body still has to eat something other than saltines and canned soup, so... here goes nothing.

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@amsomniac fortunately for the rest of us, something better is only a cdr away

@MG that's right, I had dreams about a crucifixion last night. Almost slipped away. Thanks for the reminder.

@ParadeGrotesque watching the original decision to move to systemd from the sidelines was interesting. I (surprisingly, even to myself) still have enough faith in Debian's governance that I hope they will *eventually* converge to something technically sound... and acknowledging the systemd switch as effectively experimental or a step towards something better seems like something they might do. Fingers crossed.

@twee@patch.cx setting number_pad:1 in the config might help. And you might be able to get by for a while by entering non-movement commands `M-x foo'-style by entering them as extended commands (nethackwiki.com/wiki/Commands).

internal-error: int internal_type_vptr_fieldno(struct type *): Assertion `TYPE_CODE (type) == TYPE_CODE_STRUCT || TYPE_CODE (type) == TYPE_CODE_UNION' failed.

A problem internal to GDB has been detected, further debugging may prove unreliable.

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a city builder/management game but for o'neill cylinders

On the plus side, the actual new code to support all our new fancy addressing for document locations and more complicated document structure, which I pulled apart and rewrote about 3 times when trying to find this bug, is now really clean and easy to read.

Old lessons about searching for keys under lampposts might be applicable for avoiding this sort of waste of time in the future.

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