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I would like two of your finest illegal milk shakes.
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@sophia I love how many burly men are dedicated to keeping him safe from milk, and they still failed.

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I got the words "jacuzzi" and "yakuza" confused, now I'm in hot water with the Japanese mafia.
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Reading that Purism guy say "legally protected speech" over and over again as if it's a real class of thing is completely mind-boggling. It's like watching the Twitter CEO gaslight half the world all the time.

"Legally protected speech" still gets you punched in the face.

"Legally protected speech" still gets your business boycotted.

"Legally protected speech" still causes harm to folks whom it targets.

"Legally protected speech" can still be on-its-face harrassment because there's all kinds of significant harrassment that aren't even close to illegal.

"Legally protected speech" is something I'm not worried about here because I'm not whistleblowing on the fucking US government: I'm shitposting, making friends, and trying to figure out what keyboard to buy next. Fuck all the way off with this as a metric of any kind.
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britain is a fucking weak tepid cup of tea without its neighbours

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it's weird, there are elements of british identity i'm happy with despite britain's horrific crimes against the peoples of the world.
with my mix of british and indian genetics i obviously like a cup of tea. the comedy of eddie izzard, doctor who, and professor elemental are quite obviously british things that i take pleasure in. eccentricity, humour without cruelty and a strong sense of fair play. and those are not lost or diluted through immigration or being part of the eu. they are enriched.

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@purism I support anyone who works to spread Linux and freedom of computing to the mainstream but I have to point out that your decision to remove the ability to report abusive behavior on your instance is a bad move.

Abuse reports are a basic function of this network and disregarding this tool means disregarding the community at large.

Without the ability to let you know when one of your members is being abusive your instance will end up being blacklisted and that would be unfair to your paying users.

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I agree with @brainblasted on this one. If you can't take a stand against bigotry, sexism, white supremacy, etc on your platform, you're literally saying you don't give a shit about anyone's safety.

That's a hard pass.

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If we're being real, what we're seeing is white folks trying to recreate their own little fiefdoms based almost completely on the behaviors and methodology of the platforms we are allegedly trying to get away from.

There is a lot of bad faith and straight up incompetent efforts being put out there that want to the benefit of the doubt because the slap FOSS on the door of their project.

And that's some bullshit that needs to be called out and stomped out.

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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our #FOSS adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to #Linux: servers and desktops! We try to be as #opensource as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

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Modern open air living space with multiple cubic extensions and an outdoor dining patio on a steep forested hill in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [1920×1200]

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Dear science writers,

Stop enabling evil. The men targeting Katie Bouman, who was a team lead on the Event Horizon Telescope project that produced that image of the black hole at the center of M87, are not "trolls". Trolls want to get a rise out of people. These men are not just trying to get a rise out of her or anyone else.

They are misogynists. They hate women and can't stand the idea of a woman being successful in science.

Call them what they are.


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My other favourite Brexit description is:

Hotel California Brexit


"You can check-out
any time you like
But you can never leave!"


#politics #Brexit #TheEagles

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Halloween Brexit.

Traditionally at Halloween there is a thin veil between this life and the afterlife, which is why spirits could pass between the two realms. By choosing October 31st the EU Council are probably giving the UK a subtle coded message.

I'm looking forward to some suitably ghoulish cartoons on the subject.

#politics #Brexit #Halloween

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Two great #WomenInSTEM: Computer scientist Katie Bouman and Margaret Hamilton.

Katie with her awesome stack of hard drives for #EHTBlackhole image data 😍.

Margaret and her Apollo Guidance Computer source code 📚.

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Katie Bouman, the scientist behind the first image of a black hole. Katie created an algorithm that made the image possible #WomenInSTEM #womensart

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