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Updating Homebrew.... i t ' s s o s l o w. I miss my debian.

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Why do swedish warships have barcodes on them? 

So that when they return to port, they can Scandinavian.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It had been crossing so long it could not remember. As it stopped in the middle to look back, a car sped by, spinning it around. Disoriented, the chicken realized it could no longer tell which way it was going. It stands there still.

Managed to crash my motorbike into my partners . Oh the terror!

Theresa staggered away exhausted. Jeremy's unexpectedly big election had left her weaker and wobblier than ever. @50shadesofmay

Tuckered out after cheering kids on the Gold Coast.

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Hands up (boost/retweet/fave) if you remember the 8ball bot on !

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I'm fully expecting @mjd to get his geek on and rebuild the ailing into a powerhouse. He loves that stuff ;p

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