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Wondering if Freya (MMSI: 244110770) is the same Freya I crossed the Atlantic on in 1991. There's an old looking fellow her in the photos. Could it be William, he'd be in his 80s now. Anyone in the Netherlands feel like asking him...

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Depression is like when your mind and heart stop loving each other but still
eat at the same dinner table together
-khansnow225, May 2015

Monday mornings suck. Instant coffee and an iced finger with coconut flakes makes it bearable. Thanks Pink Ladies ❤️

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Here's an interesting study - melanoma patients who failed immunotherapy treatment became responsive to it after altering their gut microbiome.

I've heard a prediction that the future of medicine will move from antibiotics & pharmaceuticals to supplements that adjust the microbiome. Looks like that future might be closer than expected.

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On a spy movie binge at the moment..

This evening I'm watching the 1966 Movie "The Deadly Affair" by Sidney Lumet.
It's based on a John le Carré novel.

I'm only 10min in.. but it's shaping up to be excellent.
The music is by Quincy Jones. The lead character already complicated, the screenplay gives a great feel for early 1960's Britain... (a mixture of the nascent glamour just about to happen, together with a tired austerity.)


If they ever make a, 'Dr Who - The Musical' I hope they will use Hawkwind. That is, if the BBC refuses to re-establish The Radiophonic Workshop.

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Ensconced on the veranda sofa, this a bit of the view. Intermittently to Hawkwind's Space Ritual and reading. Hawkwind's track 'Sonic Attack' was a tongue-in-cheek collaboration with the sci-fi author Michael Moorcock. Brian Blessed also provided his fantastic over the top vocals to one of the many versions on the tubes

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IoT device browser doesn't let you enter file:///? Use view-source:file:///. It works 80% of the time

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Can't wait for the new golden age of prosperity that is coming for us all once these billions of dollars are finally relocated from a bunch of shitty Wall St dudes to a bunch of shitty Reddit dudes.

Buggered the dog. She's lying on the ground groaning. That'll learn her, always bugging me for a walk

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Spirit of the Age: The Science Fiction Aesthetic of Hawkwind

> Michael Moorcock once said that science fiction and rock ‘n’ roll were the two great despised art forms of the 20th century. It’s no wonder then that Hawkwind, in which the combination of the two reached its apotheosis, have come in for so much grief throughout their existence. But as my teenage self would have told the haters, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you…

via shaarli2mastodon

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"I’m looking, in my twilight years, for more shows that don’t end with a big battle. If that’s the hero’s journey, I’m sick of it. Less people with swords. More people with sandwiches." - Karen Joy Fowler

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A long shot, because Masto seems to be a magical place where long shots work: does anyone want old copies of Cycling UK magazine from the past few years? Will post (within the UK) if you either refund me the postage or donate the equivalent to a charity of your choice.

Otherwise I'll just put them in the recycling.

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Lake Natron in Tanzania is one of the most serene lakes in #Africa, with deposits of sodium carbonate which was once used in Egyptian mummification and acts as a type of preservative for those animals unlucky enough to die in the waters.
📸 Nick Brandt

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If you are a , please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

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