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“Fevers of Curiosity”: Charles Baudelaire and the Convalescent Flâneur

This month marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Baudelaire’s birth, the French poet famous for his descriptions of the flâneur: a man of the crowd, who thrived in the metropolis’ multitude. Following Baudelaire through 19th-century Paris, Matthew Beaumont discovers a parallel archetype — the convalescent hero of modernity — who emerges from the sickbed into city streets with a feverish curiosity.


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Poll for Australians who observe daylight saving 

When should daylight saving time have ended in Australia?

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Good news - Andy isn't on his periodic Friday afternoon R.E.M. 'Country Feedback' binge contemplating his own mortality, admiring Michael Stipe's poetic lyrics.

Bad news - Andy is on a Fall binge.

This line from 'Backdrop' seems appropriate

'It's about time you started thinking about the rerun which is your life'
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Somebody was after pictures of phone boxes, can't remember who. Anyway, I stopped beside this one on the way back to Broken Hill today.

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Insidious earworm, pandemic adjacent, YouTube link 

Spitting Image’s Chicken Song (1984) as a metaphor for 2020.

Is sticking a deck chair up your nose a prediction of uncomfortable Covid tests? Who learned to speak Arapaho during lockdown? Are you singing this song for weeks despite hating it? In this essay I will

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@dvdmrsdn@mastodon.social take care of yourself, drink plenty of fluids and all that malarkey

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My First Week of Librem 5 Convergence

"I put away my personal Librem 13v1 and tested out whether I could replace it with a Librem 5"


#librem5 #convergence #freedom

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