Show newer a proper bicycle. Comfy seat, mudguards and handlebars you don't have to crouch over.

Wondering if Freya (MMSI: 244110770) is the same Freya I crossed the Atlantic on in 1991. There's an old looking fellow her in the photos. Could it be William, he'd be in his 80s now. Anyone in the Netherlands feel like asking him... I once had a little dried flying fish taped into one of my sketchbooks. Wings outspread like a pressed flower. It had hit my sail as I was sleeping and landed on the deck.

Monday mornings suck. Instant coffee and an iced finger with coconut flakes makes it bearable. Thanks Pink Ladies ❤️

@Gina not a connoisseur more ritualistic! I love my Bialetti Moka two cup. It's so simple and small enough to throw in my bag when I go camping and makes coffee in two minutes.

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Here's an interesting study - melanoma patients who failed immunotherapy treatment became responsive to it after altering their gut microbiome.

I've heard a prediction that the future of medicine will move from antibiotics & pharmaceuticals to supplements that adjust the microbiome. Looks like that future might be closer than expected.

@basil @Gina Many years ago I had a job monitoring thousands of servers. We developed a few shonky scripts to automate the various service restarts needed when things timed out. We only had a few blissful months before one of my colleagues betrayed us and took credit in exchange for a promotion. Last I heard he sold his soul to Microsoft.

@ephemeral that'll be about 2am for me. I suspect I'll be sleeping which is a shame because I quite like fungi, sheep, networks, art and Irish accents. I hope it goes well.

@Gina I'm all for inefficiency. It creates jobs and can make for a happy workplace.

@mjd Maybe it'll eventually come to life or evolve into a new life form...

@distel night night sleep tight, make sure the bed bugs don't bite.

If they ever make a, 'Dr Who - The Musical' I hope they will use Hawkwind. That is, if the BBC refuses to re-establish The Radiophonic Workshop.

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Ensconced on the veranda sofa, this a bit of the view. Intermittently to Hawkwind's Space Ritual and reading. Hawkwind's track 'Sonic Attack' was a tongue-in-cheek collaboration with the sci-fi author Michael Moorcock. Brian Blessed also provided his fantastic over the top vocals to one of the many versions on the tubes

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