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@theru ah yes, that'd be my reminder to crack a stubbie 🍺

@ericbuijs we don't have much choice out here in regional Australia. Bicycle repair shops are few and far between.

@andyc Don't be sorry, nobody has to read it :)
Not wanting to ever be that ill again is totally normal. Us lucky bastards who have not been through it have no idea. Yet.

Started spring cleaning. Now that everything is maximum mess I've lost the will to carry on.

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"I was laughing, my mate was laughing, bleeding funny." For some reason this Alexei Sayle sketch has always stuck in my head.

The name I learnt during my nursing degree was basically the Latin for Knee-pit. Knee being pople, under-knee-pit => popliteal fossa. I knew it'd come in useful eventually.

All the best mate, your Dad would appreciate your stuffed shoulder.

I set my disc brakes on fire three weeks ago. My bicycle has been at the bike shop ever since. I've called them twice but they are "waiting on parts". It's it too tragic to call again?

@andyc Don't mind me. A quiet weekend. I'm skulking about on Mastodon. Don't tell @mjd

Hello again Mastodon... The sunrise this morning is as smoky as the impending sunset. Australian bushfire season is upon us!

@Jennahos Most people probably know it from the old Ealing comedy film.

"The Great Day of His Wrath". I still remember when I first saw this in the Tate gallery and thinking that fantasy art was perhaps legit after all.

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