@Jennahos Most people probably know it from the old Ealing comedy film.

"The Great Day of His Wrath". I still remember when I first saw this in the Tate gallery and thinking that fantasy art was perhaps legit after all. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grea

When I first became interested in art, I was about 4 years old and this was the type of Art I felt deserved a capital 'A' mastodon.sdf.org/media/1kAt5br

@beni for a moment there I thought you'd lived in a distant wilderness and discovered electricity for the first time. I'd revisit that power socket too.

Thanks @maiki I think we have all, at times, enjoyed inventing extraordinary ideas from the ordinary things around us.

It's been a tough week at work, one more day to go. Had a few minutes to scrawl this between making a smoothie and packing my lunch at 6am this morning. mastodon.sdf.org/media/v_Nl82A

Updating Homebrew.... i t ' s s o s l o w. I miss my debian.

@Ayior arr... like the pirate code, 'more [like] guidelines'

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Why do swedish warships have barcodes on them? 

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