Sitting at home. Reading. Waiting for 12:30 so I can give up on the possibility of being called into #work this afternoon, and then finally leave the house to go for a walk nowhere in particular. #CoffsHarbourLifestyle
@trregeagle I'm marginally less crazy: 6am. Partly because Kitty always used to wake me up for breakfast at the first sound of morning birdsong, but now mostly because the very, very young couple in the flat next door, with whom I share a bedroom wall, are *ahem* morning people.

"Hmph. Wha? That's a queer sounding bird. Oh, Jeez no. Again? Hasn't it snapped off yet? Sigh. Right: breakfast time. Also, put on some music, I think."
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Oh no. I'd hate that, although good for them I guess. Want some noise cancelling headphones?

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