This week's artist:
Anselm Kiefer

His work is deep, and deals with some difficult topics, but he's one of the more important artists of the past 50 years and another favorite of mine.

@chris Yeah, I see the same thing and it can be draining to watch for sure. But then I remember that all this stuff has an off switch ... and, oh wait, so do I! Then I unplug in order to recharge :) It's a good feeling.

Anyway, I hope your day is bright.

@chris This might not be a "we" thing?

When I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the tech, I just turn it all off and read a book. Like a book with actual pages, not an eBook.

This might be something to try. Just unplug for a day and do something that doesn't require any screens. It's rejuvenating.

I'm having to upgrade MS Azure Devops Server (on-prem) today. This software completely sucks...

I've never been more thankful for Git.

I genuinely believe this may still be the finest LiveJournal post of all time.

@klu I just wish I would have seen this in 1984 ... it would have been fun to connect to a server in London :D

@klu I love how he says the phone number out load as he's dialing. Then, you can see all which keys he's pressing for the user and password. Ha!

1984 was so cute.

@matera Thanks for the links. I've been looking for good resources for simple text browsing and those are really nice.

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