US politics / Lake Travis funny 

I don't know who made this image, but they're my new hero 😂

(Spotted on birdsite under the hashtag "dumbkirk", and likely made in response to MAGA conspiracies about all the boats sinking at once)

Slugs eating my plants, and I’m fine with it 

Caught red handed! They should count their blessings that I never grew out of my “Gastropods are cool” phase as a kid, and have no intention of killing them with pellets!

Although it seems Iceland (the shop) has other ideas for what it should be called. WTF?!

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These plant-based discoveries btw are brought to you by my latest horticultural endeavours.

My parents donated a bunch of plants to me from their very impressive vegetable garden, and I’m planning on adding to that myself. 👨‍🌾

I’ve put more details in the photo alt text for these.

In addition to those shown, I’m planning to have some mixed leaf lettuce in a hanging basket, some home-grown cress, and will hopefully revive my herb pots.

I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I haven’t managed to kill my tomato plants. In fact, they’re starting to grow fruit! 🍅🍅🍅

(Technically tomatoes are a berry that is treated like a vegetable by nutritionists, but let’s not rehash that weird botanical argument!)

Is it weird that a fidget spinner that’s shaped like a weapon Batman would use is my favourite impulse-buy of the month? 😅

Bob makes a dad joke / COVID-19 mention 

Face masks keep the corona out!

I seem to be starting a bit of a snail farm in my back garden 😂

I don’t mind though, but will feel bad when I have to tip out the bags for life that I’ve been growing potatoes in.

For now I will consider my garden a snail hotel! 🐌🐌🐌

I forgot that I’d made a gay Civilization on Stellaris. That was a pleasant surprise when I fired up the game again this evening! 😂🏳️‍🌈

I’m currently installing Age of Empires and Age of Empires II on one of my retro gaming PCs, and the nostalgia feels are already flowing!

I was going to comment on the irony of me drinking a Mexican beer that’s brewed in London today, but then I noticed there’s a *lot* of American stuff going on in this photo.

And of course, SimCity 2000. I’ve got Civilization II and the original The Sims installed on this machine, so I foresee an enjoyable evening 🙂

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Christening the new CRT retro gaming monitor with a bit of Unreal Tournament!

My graphics card definitely makes the most of the 800x600 resolution on this 16” screen 😂

(Said card is technically powerful enough to drive Vista’s aero effects, so it’s fine with anything Windows 98 era gaming can throw at it)

As we approach the end of day one for the poll I put up on @glimpse about maybe switching to PhotoGIMP's keyboard shortcuts, there seems to be a bit of a disparity between the platforms! 😂

On Mastodon 51 people participated and 57% are in favour, 43% are against.

On Twitter 130 people participated and 73.3% are in favour and 26.7% are against.

Bob does the gardening 

My potato plants are coming along well! I’ve been dutifully topping up the soil since early March, so it’s not far off ready for harvesting. 🥔🥔🥔

A moment’s silence thought please for my herb garden! 😂 (Although my chives do seem to be making a comeback)

Consumer advice / webcams / bird site 

In other news, this bit of gold from bird site is not bad consumer advice if you're looking for a cheap webcam. 🙂

Developing @glimpse on a living room plasma screen is a bit of a surreal experience 😂

My gaming PC does build things quicker though 🤷‍♂️

It’s so cursed, and yet there are no sensible arguments against it! 😂

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