While I understand the emotion behind FLOSS people yelling “USE FIREFOX TO SAVE THE WEB” to their own followers, that probably isn’t going to work.

The most effective thing you can do is convince web developer friends to test new websites in browsers that are not Google Chrome.

@trechnex From a dev perspective, absolutely.

But I think Firefox also needs to change their marketing significantly. The average user unfortunately doesn't care about privacy ("Facebook already knows everything about me so why bother?"), so they need to get people interested in a different feature: speed.

The only reason Chrome took market share in the first place was because, for a while, they were as fast or faster than Firefox, and they had more marketing dollars.

Now that Chrome is a memory leaking mess Firefox can leverage their position as the faster browser to win people back over, and then keep them there with the privacy stuff.

Somehow I doubt their leadership will do that, sadly.

@sandrockcstm tbh I don't think that's a battle they can win.

Microsoft pre-bundled Edge with Windows, Google pushes Chrome on every single one of their websites, and Apple forces them to use Safari on iOS.

It's all well and good to convince people to try Firefox, but if you have to keep a secondary browser around to work with enough websites for that to be necessary, people will gravitate to the path of least resistance.

@sandrockcstm so at this point I think it's less about trying to win market share (after a decade of constant decline, that's probably a lost cause).

The battle for Firefox now is to try to retain its existing userbase, and then maintain a market share large enough to convince web developers to test for compatibility and allow their sites to degrade gracefully if a feature is not available.

It sucks we're in this situation, and sadly I think getting out of it will require long term thinking.

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