@trechnex ngl this WA pretty funny. Love how they're just the right amount of self-aware

@trechnex It's a bit over the top, but it does highlight a real issue. I'm glad my university already mostly operates with open source remote education software (Moodle, TMC) but even I have to tolerate Zoom. Hopefully the uni switches to Jitsi in the future.

@Samsai tbh I think it's less about the choice of tool than making sure that it's a platform people actually use.

I've seen so many projects and initiatives fail because the people involved wanted to deploy the "most correct" answer, only to find people using their own solutions and shadow IT instead.

@trechnex In terms of universities the university can dictate the platform and you have to use it. Sure, people will shadow IT the crap out of everything they can, but when it comes to where you access lectures and where you submit course work, a student has no say. That's why a correct choice should be made which minimizes harm to students and is cost-effective for admin.

@trechnex oh yes that will attract many new members, very convincing yes

Wow, that was neat. I hope it reaches students and helps lead them to at least checking for a free software alternative.

@mnw Agreed. A little campy, but still a neat way to spread the word about . @trechnex

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