It sickens me that some of the biggest media figures in #Linux and #FreeSoftware are alt-right or adjacent, making these spaces actively hostile to the groups already excluded from tech and making young people in particular easy to target with hateful rhetoric.

@ljwrites software and video game cultures are sorta pushing me out of being a software engineer.
I’ve been less and less into computing as time goes on, I think the culture is not great and I sorta just see foss as a way for corporations to exploit free labor.
Idk I loved programming since I was a kid but I think these problems that you’re speaking of are getting worse, and it’s making me disinterested in continuing on in the scene, both for fun and professionally.

@stitchandsew I feel you. I was so excited about the possibilities of Linux and free software, and still think it's a practical choice for many desktop users what with the Big Two's shenanigans, but the more I learn about that community the more 😬 I get

@ljwrites @stitchandsew tbh if the community was like it is today back in 2007, 16 year old me would have probably just stuck with rolling back Vista to XP and then waited for 7.

It’s a shame because there are still good people trying to do good things, and they’re usually in the more corporate-backed “Open Source” space in my experience.

Free software as a movement has regrettably become a lot more inward-looking and paranoid, and that has made the culture easy prey for the alt-right.

@ljwrites @stitchandsew fair disclosure: I was one of the people that started Glimpse Image Editor. Some of the things people have said about our project (and acted towards contributors lending their free time to build something helpful) has definitely impacted my perceptions! 😅

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