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I don’t think GitHub is sinking, but I do think that hard core FLOSS people’s perception of it is heading the same way it did for SourceForge many years ago.

My suggestion when you’re choosing where to host your code is to keep offline backups of *everything*.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started programming, it’s that platforms for sharing come and go. So do version control systems.

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@trechnex I am convinced OpenBSD’s CVS will outlive the heat death of the universe

@trechnex "version control systems"

DVCS might but tbh Git replaced SVN and we're probably going to be with git for a long time... for better or worse I don't really see people adopting Pijul en masse, the costs of switching VCS are huge and git is "good enough" in most ways and *great* on the performance front

@syntacticsugarglider those were exactly the arguments people used to make about switching from subversion 😅

At one company I worked at, their solution was "just use git-svn"

@trechnex yeah, maybe I just haven't been in software long enough to recognize the extent to which history repeats itself

i do feel like there's a category mistake across svn and git but tbh i feel like part of git's adoption is like... how much personal clout Linus has

pijul doesn't really have anyone to shill it, I think it's pretty great, and it's much faster than DARCS, if I had to pick a replacement for git that's definitely what I'd go with

nobody seems to care but that might change

@trechnex Yup. Same goes for videos or pictures you've uploaded to the web. I can't believe how many people *trust* these barely-profitable silicon valley data buckets that might disappear overnight...

@trechnex When you're spending more time trying to work around your hosting platform and the little quirks it introduces to your workflow then it's time to consider switching.

That was the main issue with Sourceforge: Everything was pretty much hooks and tackle in order to get things to work reasonably well.

Honestly it did pretty well as the proof-of-concept it was.

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