As the world is back on this week:

@ChrisWere creates excellent Linux-related video content

@maloki runs @forktogether & recently got me back into Pokemon Go

@wolfie is a fun person to follow & all round good egg

@claudiom toots about Linux, coffee & retrocomputing

@datenteiler is a good source for tech news & @opensuse goodness

@dzuk is building an exciting new fediverse service

If you're not already following @bryn then I regret to inform you that you've been doing Mastodon wrong

@trechnex Thank you sir! I also toot about all things #FOSS including #BSD flavors as well as music-related things. 😁

@trechnex I should also mention that everyone should follow *you* for #FF with all the #retrocomputing goodness you post as well as your work with #Glimpse! 🖥️ 🎨 👍

@claudiom Thank you for the kind words! ❤️

My next big retrocomputing project is finishing the refurb on an Apple Macintosh LC II, so hopefully there will be a blog post on that soon(ish)

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