I originally spotted this on birdsite and it amused me enough to buy it.

I’m not typically given to high pitched girly giggling, but that’s exactly what I did as I read this, because the idea of someone trying to teach their baby C++ is hilarious. 😂

I say this as one of those weird people that actually *likes* C++, but you probably want to wait until your kid has a high school level grasp of maths before you lay this language down on them.

Those programmable toy cars with arrows on them are probably a better way to start, *then* move them onto Python or Visual Basic. 👍

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@trechnex is there a mistake on that array page, it says the output is variable b[4] is but the output page says array b[4] is

@wolfie there is! I'm guessing the company self-publishes this stuff, as a copy editor probably would've spotted that.

@datenteiler they didn't! Presumably they felt that was more pre-school level 😂

@trechnex Is this from the 00ies? Looks very “C with classes”-y. :blobugh:

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