*reads his Fediverse feed*

*begins editing the next Libre Lounge episode*

*Realizes he may need an asbestos suit because even as a lefty progressive, he believes that money is not a bad thing per se*

WIthin a few hours of posting this, I lost a handful of Fediverse followers.

I'd rather people stop following me than send me mean messages, so I guess it's okay!

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@emacsen I'm apparently left-wing by US standards and right-wing by UK standards, so I get it. ūüėÖ

I've found over time that the route to a quiet life is just sticking to LGBT politics, making fun of whoever's in power in my country, and not jumping into other peoples' mentions over ideological disagreements.

Being open-minded and listening to other peoples' worldviews and complaints about their lot in life has made me rethink a lot of stuff myself, so I've still grown as a person :)

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@trechnex I'm a US far leftie, EU centrist, I think.

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