How many computers (desktops/laptops) do you use regularly?

This question is inspired by a zdnet article:

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I use four, so definitely on the "computer nerd" end of that spectrum.

* Gaming PC
* Home laptop (HP Spectre 13)
* Work-issued laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad)
* 21.5" mid-2017 model iMac

@trechnex I have a home computer and my work laptop. The home computer is used as a media server and for games.

I think most of my computer usage has moved to my phone. Also to my tablet (until I broke that).

@moiety indeed, tbh the trend most industry watchers have been seeing is a decline in desktop PC sales, and the assumption is that most people are switching to more and more portable devices.

This was part of the reason "Ultra Mobile PCs" and "Netbooks" got so much attention in the late '00s, because the device makers could see the writing on the wall.

Of course, tablets & smartphones rendered both device categories I just listed redundant 😅

@trechnex Roughly 4:
1. Fedora laptop (HP ProBook 4540s)
2. Fedora desktop (AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition homebrew PC)
3. OpenBSD laptop (Toshiba Portege M400)
4. OpenBSD netbook (EeePC 901)

@claudiom Kudos on the EeePC!

I have the slightly earlier 900 model, and it is my task at some point this week to put another OpenBSD install on it once I've installed a bigger SSD.

@trechnex I got the 900a a few months ago from a friend and put Haiku on it. Sadly, the 901 seems to not want to charge anymore and I think it's the AC port on the netbook that might need resoldering.

@claudiom @trechnex

Yea, I marked 3, but I probably should have picked 4 or more.

@trechnex @transcaffeine

- GPD Pocket
- MacBook for private stuff and photos
- x230 for work stuff

@f2k1de @trechnex @transcaffeine
- desktop pc for at home
- msi laptop for travel
- x1 carbon for travel
-x230 for travel
-l540 for bedroom
-l420 for bedroom
-dell laptop for bedroom
-t420s for bedroom

- Laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad T480s) for most of the day (also as a "desktop" with external screen, keyboard)
- Workstation (Lenovo thinkstation p410) for resource intensive tasks (mostly test VMs)

I can switch screen/keyboard between the two, but often access the workstation via ssh.

Both are work issued, but used for private stuff too.

I have a quadcore PC from probably a decade ago that I still used frequently, till the PSU (at least, that's what I assume is the cause) stopped working. Unfortunately I don't have any spare PSUs lying around anymore, and part of me also feels that trying to get this PC working again wouldn't be worth it.
Also have an old 2009 MacBook Pro still, but thermal issues due to Apple's overused thermalpaste that has now gone brittle, means I only use it when I have to.

so, my daily driver atm basically is my #Xiaomi #MiA1 phone, and since recently my wife's old #Asus #AspireOne netbook, that in general feels slower than my phone... but it's keyboard and screen are (barely) better for coding.

That all combined with a remote #Linux VPS, to which I can #SSH into for when I need some more raw processing power.

So, yeah, not sure what to vote.
Where is the boundary between what is a computer and what isn't?
Is a phone + keyboard+mouse+screen one?

@FiXato I'll be honest, I hadn't foreseen someone saying "I use a smartphone to thin client to a VPS" 😅

I guess perhaps this poll is a bit West-centric too as well because most of the developing world also primarily connects to the Internet and performs computing tasks using a phone.

@trechnex even by answeing to this i use a bunch of computers.

@trechnex Mostly just my laptop.

But I also have an iPhone I don't use for much more than a phone, and I'd like to replace sometime soon.

@trechnex Hmm, let's see:

Work PC
Personal/work laptop
Home PC (my most powerful computer)
Secondary laptop

Then I have a home server, a raspberry I and some other hardware, which I don't include.

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