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How do you know someone's an Arch Linux user? 

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FLOSS opinion that shouldn't be controversial but is 

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As promised, here's an article for how to make the most of remote working and preserve your mental health in the process!

For background I became a remote worker in the summer of 2018, and I have spent the last two years learning from trial and error what works and what doesn't.

I hope these insights help people who have found themselves working from home for the first time because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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This is your friendly reminder to take care about how you word your content warnings.

"COVID-19" or "US pol" are good examples of explaining what your toot is about for people who are making a decision about reading it.

You can also add modifiers to the end of a CW:

+ is positive
- is negative
~ is mixed

"time to panic" and "Trump's an idiot" literally defeats the entire purpose of using a content warning in the first place, and it negatively impacts people with mental health issues.

The worst pooptoot joke I've ever posted 

The things you discover on the Steam store page for Sid Meier's Civilization V while you're waiting for it to download... 😂

CW: There are swears

That leads to the inconvenient truth that if you release an open source project nowadays, it could be used by a government/corporation/military to do bad things with.

The FOSSbro take is that any restriction on use is an attack on software freedom, and developers are not responsible for what other people use their program for.

The moderate take is that while enforceability of ethical source hasn’t been tested, the FOSSbro take is totally bananas.

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In other news, it seems I *may* have revealed I’m actually in favour of “ethical source” as a concept. 😅

I think it stems from a growing awareness that current definitions were set at a time when you could store source code on a single floppy disk and governments/corporations/militaries made all their own software in-house.

Nowadays source code is too complex for most to review without a lot of time & skill, and most in-house software has been partially or fully replaced with open source.

Thought of the day 

Stellaris musing 

Consumer advice / webcams / bird site 

Childhood-ruining creepy pasta 

UK pol / COVID-19 

Very cursed tech pooptoot 

Bob's fun life 

In other news, I went on a rant about Civilization VI that ended in pretty sound consumer advice 😅

In other news, here's a very cursed buwu version of some of Friedrich Nietzsche's material.

(It's fair to say @Clipsey makes my life decidedly weirder 😂 )

I guess in many ways it’s a “good news bad news” situation for FLOSS.

The good news is that techie Windows users will be able to run Linux GUI apps without modification. More users means more contributors and resources.

The bad news is that said users would have no incentive to go through the pain of switching to Linux unless they buy into the ideology first.

(In my experience, the ideology usually follows the switch)

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The headline to that joke though is that Windows 10 insider builds are going to start supporting Linux GUI apps over a graphics-accelerated version of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2.

It’ll be quite some time before it becomes a thing the wider world upgrades to, but I suspect when it does that is going to have far-reaching ramifications.

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In other news, apparently the "flavour of the week" JavaScript framework is Deno.

Expect mass defections from Node, which is no longer "flavour of the week" and suddenly has a million things wrong with it in the eyes of young developers.

meta on last toot / COVID-19 adjacent 

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Thought of not today 

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