@denikombucha yeah, I see that a lot, especially with regards to the India/Pakistan/Bangladesh and formerly-Ottoman-Empire areas (god, fuck the British)
As well as the whole ignoring-CIA-coup-attempts-in-LA thing that people so often do when arguing that socialism is "unsustainable"

Also, I didn't know about the "bribing popes" bit, that's really interesting (in a "hey look another awful thing the US government did" way)

@starseeker @denikombucha@playvicious.social doncha just love it when the BBC publishes an article like "why is shit so fucked in India" and you're like "uhh maybe you could mention that potentially Britain had something to do with it or talk about colonialism at all" and the BBC is like "nah we're just gonna talk about some bad stuff in our former colonies without mentioning anything historical"


@amsomniac @starseeker @denikombucha@playvicious.social Of course a news outlet funded by the British government isn't going to talk badly about their history. Parliament would cut all their funding.

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