@SDF @Gargron It seems our toots, following, and followers counts have been reset on since the upgrade to Mastodon 2.7.0rc1 this evening. I know it's not just me because it's occurring with you (SDF) and @snowdusk_ as well. The data remains but the count of said data has been wiped.
Can you two please look into this issue?

@trebach @SDF @Gargron @snowdusk_

I can confirm that: my SDF Mastodon account is now down to 4 toots, 0 followers and 0 people following me.

The funny thing is that my home page still displays way more than 4 toots...

@ParadeGrotesque @trebach @SDF @Gargron @snowdusk_ And the instance's Profile Directory is empty because no one has more than 10 followers. 😂

@blocknonip @ParadeGrotesque @trebach @SDF @snowdusk_ Last time there was trouble one of the SDF maintainers got in touch with me over e-mail. I don't think I can do much here as I don't even know if you are just users of SDF or involved with it. But as I mentioned it seems to me whoever performed the upgrade skipped the counts migration this time as well.

@jennie @Gargron @blocknonip @ParadeGrotesque @SDF @snowdusk_ We know. It broke right after the upgrade to 2.7.0rc1 so it was brought to Eugen's attention as a potential regression.

@trebach @SDF @Gargron @snowdusk_

... And it seems the counters are all back to normal! I am now at 2.4K toots and several hundreds followers and following!

All my thanks to the person who fixed this.

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