its interesting that when we first arrived on this platform without any corporate influence or advertising presence whatsoever, the first thought a bunch of us had was to celebrate by adopting the personas of diet pepsi or garfeild

holy shit someone from Amazon asked if they could do a dev stream with encompass but were put off by the Cooperative Software License and asked me to change it to Apache or MIT.

working. as. intended.

jesus descending from heaven just to kick my ass. christians worldwide beg him to stick around and do the book of revelations or whatever but he's already going back up again. just had to beat me up real quick

Mastodon is a great place to read someone's mh(-) post about how they feel like just giving up on everything then click on another toot and read the cum joke they wrote in someone's replies 30 seconds beforehand

It would be neat if liberapay had a feature where you could actually put a cap on the total amount you receive, so that when you get a donor and your cap is hit, your older patrons share less of the financial burden and it gradually gets evenly distributed over lots of supporters (where old donors can only have their contributions go down).

This would be ideal for paying domain name and hosting costs for communal hosting infrastructure.

"Feel like ads on the internet know you too well? It's because they do.

Let us open 100 tabs of pure madness to fool trackers into thinking you're someone else."

Track This | A new kind of Incognito

If you're not willing to eat a scrap of paper to destroy what's written on it, you're not serious about data security.

the amt of sex spam accounts tryna follow me makes masto feel like tumblr lol.


Registries, Prisons 

me: I'm just glad I finally have a word for it - "parasocial friendship." It's weird to feel like you know someone, like you *really* know someone, and to feel like they should know you too, and then to realize they wouldn't recognize you on the street. It's really just you taking what pieces they give you about themselves, then filling in the rest with your own personality Jurassic Park style to make a really fleshed-out imaginary friend.

Twitch streamer: haha yeah that's a long comment

Brolene, Brolene
B r o l e n e
I'm beggin' you, bro
please don't take my bro

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