Life hack: shop at the Goodwill closest to the rich neighborhood.

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So Hubble was a clone of military satellites we refer to as KEYHOLE. Nobody knew about it, especially NASA.

NASA scientists were having a problem with unintended vibrations messing up their long exposures. It was from the sun heating up the solar panels every time it orbited the earth and causing the stainless steel to flex. Their frustrations ended up getting them invited to a SECRET classified meeting in which they explained the problem and a bunch of people knew about it.

Turns out nobody gave this advice to NASA because it wasn't causing a problem for the military satellites; they don't need long exposures to do surveillance.

(Lockheed Martin apparently was able to help them get the satellite fixed with some new parts)

literally just pics of that one massive draft horse from belgium 

Striking Workers Are Bringing Back 1970s "Mindfuck" Tactics

"Deliveroo and UberEats riders, [...] are masters of the mindfuck. Because they’re technically self-employed, the laws on strike action and trade unions don’t apply to them. That means that the slow bureaucracy of postal ballots and turnout thresholds designed to prevent workers from taking collective action goes out the window. Instead, these workers can just do what makes sense to them. The result has been an explosion in militancy, as the platforms try to cut their workers’ already-low wages. Strikes are now breaking out every couple of weeks with little or no prior notice. They’re organised through complex networks of encrypted messenger chats which are completely invisible to platform bosses, meaning that all their standard management techniques need to be rewritten."

#syndicalism #unions #strike #JoinAUnion

Sign reads "Our experts are formal, your new world sucks big time"

Why does it seem the people who most rant and rave about treason know the least about its definition?

"NHS gives Amazon free use of health data under Alexa advice deal":

"The material, which excludes patient data, could allow the multinational technology company to make, advertise and sell its own products."
"... the contract will also allow the company access to information on symptoms, causes and definitions of conditions, and 'all related copyrightable content and data and other materials' "

alone at the wheel, you're stopped, waiting, at a red light. hillary clinton wordlessly opens the passenger door of your car and sits down next to you, smiling. the light turns green.

I just published this πŸ‘‰ The real dangers of facial recognition: mass obedience and online labor exploitation

Is it bad that I like watching squirrels more than I like watching the NFL?

Former MEP Julia Reda on France's #copyright transposition: "The audacity with which the proposed French law ignores the safeguards included in the EU copyright directive to protect user rights should be baffling even to the most cynical commentator."

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