Since we've been battling crows on the farm this week, and Tippi Hendren has been in the news, tonight's #movie is:
The Birds (1963)

hey if you or anyone you know is looking for an experienced, self-taught Go or Python developer with a background in Physics or security, I'm your gal!

my professional experience is a little limited, but only due to not being given the chance. i am a very fast learner with a wide array of knowledge already, willing to learn anything to fit into any role

my most recent projects include writing a gopher (yes, that pre-HTTP protocol) server, my own fixed-size LRU hashmap implementation from scratch, and the beginnings of an IRC server. all in Go

boosts are very much appreciated โค๏ธ

This tweet on the official UK Civil Service account was only up for 9 minutes but got 38k likes, 36.5k retweets plus all the comments. Guess someone has lost their job over it. That reaction to it, in such a short time frame, shows just how much BoJo has misjudged public opinion on this.

It is quite apparent that the internet needs to move away from #cloudflare
I ran an #tor exitnode for a few hours (mostly for testing combined with a miss in config) and now does cloudflare prompt me with a #captcha every, single, minute.

Do youself and your user a favour, and move away from cloudflare


if you need to be reminded about what twitter is like as a company, please read this statement they put out about why they won't delete the president's posts accusing joe scarborough of murdering a woman even after her widower wrote them a letter asking for them to be

Here is some other free software: krita. This guy is really good with it. I imagine he will speak english. He has only a slight french accent for you.
If you don't know him in japan, he does this cute cartoon:

We are optimistic that the economy cannot stop!
Vamos con optimismo que la economia no puede parar!


What's important about tomorrow, Wednesday?

> Chinaโ€™s legislature is expected to rubber-stamp the draft resolution on Thursday, the last day of the annual parliamentary gathering, before the details are fleshed out at another meeting at a later date.

> Officials have said the law would then be implemented locally.โ€ฆ
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> Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators, who were wearing face masks to protect against the spread of coronavirus.

Well, that too. ๐Ÿ˜€

> The rally comes despite earlier warnings from authorities against unauthorised assembly and a ban on large public gatherings to enforce social distancing.

> Some protesters threw objects such as umbrellas and water bottles at officers, and used bins and other debris to set up road blocks.

Sunday was a practice round.

We are working from home tomorrow and on my way home today I saw green suits and plainclothes with batons gearing up already.
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> The "draft decision" - as it is known before approval by China's National People's Congress - includes an article that says Hong Kong "must improve" national security.

> It adds: "When needed, relevant national security organs of the Central People's Government will set up agencies in Hong Kong to fulfil relevant duties to safeguard national security in accordance with the law."

> That means China could potentially have its own law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong, alongside the city's own.โ€ฆ

#hongkong #antielab

In a hour of morning TV, I've already sworn at the TV 6 times. If they wanted to show the US is fucked, mission accomplished

@ElfLord needed a way to figure out how much fabric to buy for a sewing project, based on the pieces she needed to cut. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a website or app to calculate this. YouTube videos seemed to suggest that the best approach was to print templates and do it all by hand.

Soโ€ฆ long story short, this is what I spent my three-day weekend doing ๐Ÿ˜…

@stux that's great to hear!

My instance is shutting down on June 30th. Please be prepared to protect your server from relentless attacks.

We've ( been attacked at least eight times since I joined in 2018. There are sickos who do not want to see the Mastodon project succeed.

Let's prove them wrong and fortify the bunker.

extremely extremely salty, meta 

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