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By the way: My team at Mozilla, Firefox Accounts, is still looking for a Senior Software Engineer. If this at all appeals to you, you should apply. Even if you think that maybe possibly you're not Senior enough.

(this update brought to you by "Finishing Shit and having a break before the next task" and the number "17")

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I am in "work mode" today and needed something to keep long-term focus. I settled on somafm's dronezone station at 60% volume with Chopin nocturnes layered on top at 75%. They blend well and neither finishes at the same time, so the tunes just keep truckin' along.

5/5 - Highly recommended

Instagram just added support for dark theme. This is great

I'm really glad I don't need to mess with slip or ppp anymore

On the walk today my son was observing the flow of a river over rocks and around a bend. He was being his typically motor-mouth self and narrating his thoughts out loud. As he notes the speed changes of thin waterways vs wide ones he muttered how the river was just as strong in the wide part, but moving more water looked slower.

My 7 year old kid just figured out hydraulics on his own.

Double rainbow all the way! For real, though... We had a bit of rain as we were hiking. The boy was on the lookout for rainbows and not using any luck until we came around this corner. This ๐ŸŒˆ looked so fake! It was easy too bright to be real.

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I need an idea for a cli app that could use a dashboard. I'm trying out some new tech and need a real project to help me practice. Nothing super complex, that I can get done in a day or two. Whatcha got?

Did anyone ever make a spoof of Katy Perry's song called, "I kissed a frog" about the princess and the frog?

I don't know who out there needs to hear it, but you DO NOT have my permission to hurt yourself. Stop it. Do something awesome instead. I'm serious.

I stumbled my way into an Instagram area filled with memes that weren't for me. In this case it was big trucks and custom... truck things. I don't even know what to call it.

There I was, swiping through page after page of images and text. Thousands of likes glittered before me. Comments laughing and agreeing that it's "so true!" One post was just a picture of a truck and the caption, "when you tell the shop to make it look like it's named Kyle." But why Kyle?

All geekdom is wonderful

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I need to do a blog post, but as ALL the best people on the Internet are on the Fediverse:

Last January, I sold a story to the Pulphouse anthology "Snot-Nosed Aliens." At #Penguicon 2019, I read it. Aloud. Before a live studio audience and everything! :flan_announcer:โ€‹

The anthology is out, so... here it is.

If you've never tried my fiction, it won't get any easier than this.

Whoa, quite a lot of people follow me, apparently. I mean, relatively speaking. At the peak of my birdsite time I hit around 200. I'm closing in on 1,000 here in the fediverse. And somehow there's much less stress and BS from the whole experience. That's pretty cool.

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