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Solar radio has a tiny array that can't power it's internal speaker (have to crank), but it does fine piping output to an external speaker. So I rigged that up to a different solar panel! Works great even on this rainy overcast day.

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This ad is like a goddamn action movie. People are going to eat it up.

Looked at the Icelandic Amateur Radio website tonight just out of curiosity. Glad to see a bunch of acronyms that mean nothing to me. I really, really shouldn't get into that hobby.

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does anyone know of a list of websites people would like turned into gopher mirrors?

any burning passions to have some webpages served through gopher?

Anyone have a microfiche reader? Anyone own microfiche? Anyone know how to make microfiche?

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What's up with the two Tor Browsers on F-Droid? Same version nr.
#TorBrowser #TorBrowserAlpha
Alpha is almost 60MB, other is 42.4MB.
Same description. Both claims to depend on OrBot. I uninstalled #OrBot in (yet another) space constrained situation, but the browsers run anyway.

Remember how I was bitching about how Steam is useless on Ubuntu? Well, here's the latest. I finally broke down and went to the store to buy a new controller in xbox style since that's what everything wants to work with. Got home, tried it out on a GOG game real quick, nice. Went to steam.... nada.

Apparently is USED to work on Steam. Now I get to waste the rest of my night messing with config BS instead of relaxing playing a game.

@solderpunk latest gopher black done by phone on the bus for ROOPHLOCH

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‪LO! What hath ARPAnet wrought? 50 years since the first LOgin attempt on 02-SEP-69 from a @UCLA ASR33 and IMP to the @Stanford SDS-940 the first breath of the INTERNET @ComputerHistory ‬

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Hey, #gopher fanatics! Please help spread the word about #ROOPHLOCH 2019, the Remote Outdoor Off-Grid Phlogging Challenge! See gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar. for details.

Got home from a concert with the family and my son requested ramen at 11pm. He's watching YouTube videos on the water cycle now while he chows down. Is this college again?

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