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Last night I learned about TierZoo, a youtube channel that treats real animals as if they were character classes in a video game. It ranks them, strategizes, talks about patch notes... simply marvelous

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> Dear university computer science/informatics/infosec programs of the world, stop letting students graduate without command line experience. We still need that experience.

I'm really glad that MIT's The Missing Semester of Your CS Education ( exists to teach people the basics of the command line โ€“ and really annoyed that it *needs* to.

LinkedIn is especially gross during covid season

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worm race!

Currently D/Ling Parker Lewis Can't Lose for Reasons.

Hey angry internet, did you see the way GameStop is endangering their employees for bullshit today?

Do your thing, denizens of the fediverse!

I blogged about COVID-19 here in Iceland. Check it out if you're curious.

Spoiler: I'm happy with our government's response so far

I'm liking the Tonight Show home edition. It's really cute

Thanks to all you awesome people who tuned in to me rambling for 2 hours. It was a lot of fun.

Facebook Link to a recorded livestream of Times Square today:

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Jitsi - work remotely with this free open source video conferencing - all day long, no account needed

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i'm looking for a remote gig so i can start working towards an off-grid / nomadic lifestyle.

if you don't mind helping me find work here's my cv:

open to feedback on my CV as well :)

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I've got a customer build happening on SquareSpace starting in the next week or so. I've never worked hands-on in that platform before so I spent this morning diving into documentation. So far I'm impressed. The tooling looks great, theme options are solid, and the customizations many. Most exciting is the stuff at I can toggle developer-mode on and then use git to clone and customize the site theming easily.

I'm excited to load-test Zoom later today. So far the platform has scaled well, but each day marks a major uptick in the number of WFH peoples.

I hear Skype/Lync/Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams are all suffering pretty bad effects already. I have difficulty judging since my experience on there has always been poop.

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Little Gopher Client looks neat and itโ€™s written in FreePascal and Lazarus which is very cool

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