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I am on Ubuntu. I used to use Clementine for music until it started stopping randomly between tracks for no reason. I switched to Rhythmbox and it's much nicer, but having only a single music library location is a problem for me. I keep Albums in one place, but my personal mixes in a totally different sync folder.

I need a good music player that won't screw with my files, allows multiple source folders, and offers some decent shuffle/sort/crossfade stuff on Linux.

Whatcha got for me?

I wake up, settle in to this chair with a nice warm cup of tea. I read a few pages of this comic in Icelandic to keep my progress going. I take a little sigh and take a sip of tea and MUST GO TO THE BATHROOM IMMEDIATELY OMGWTFBBQ.

But I was *just* getting comfy!

Pushing through the last 2 hours on this audiobook that I stopped caring about cause I like completion.

I made a early 90s eurodance mix called PUMP because reasons.

DM for music link if interested

I love the smell of suspended bot accounts in the morning

I've now written a handfull of reports for work using LibreOffice Writer. I'm disappointed in the number of style templates available for it online, but I'm finding the tool itself quite well suited to its task. I may have to build out my styles myself, but it makes it pretty easy to do so.

I made sloppy joe's tonight for dinner, but with a TWIST! I used taco seasoning instead of my sloppy joe seasoning. There was debate about what the dish should be called, with lots of stereotyping and stuff. Sloppy Jose's seems to be the winner.

You know what's not the winner, though? My bowels.

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Even Amazon employees are starting to revolt. As one employee says, Amazon Ring surveillance doorbells are “not compatible with a free society.”

My conspiracy theory: flat earthers don't exist

In the late 80s, early 90s versions of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, just before catching the criminal the very last "you're getting close" animated cutscene that would play would involve a threat to your life. This would be in one of the following forms: a thrown axe, a gunshot, a long dagger/sword, a dropped bag of cement, or a dropped flower pot.

I've been looking for a screenshot of the flower pot for 10 years. Can't find one. Internet, can you help me?

Massive improvements on day 3. I was able to spin almost non-stop through my fiber. In my hand is the few bits that didn't make it. I'm still losing consistency when changing over fiber or when distracted by little boys, but I'm thrilled at the progress.

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TIL: there is usbtop, a top-like utility that shows an estimated instantaneous bandwidth on USB buses and devices:

My favorite thing about pixelfed so far... You can like your own stuff

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Both @Shufei and @cosullivan do this thing where they talk normally and it breaks my brain. It's the best sign I know of that I need sleep.

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