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I don't want to be informed when my face are being scanned, in the same way that I don't want to be informed when a website is about to sell my data. What I want is for the law not to allow such things.

-- nieman @ HN

#privacy #FacialRecognition #surveillanceCapitalism

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#Wuhan #Coronavirus still trending slightly above my Jan 28 projection. Again, expecting that should start falling soon, probably first in cases, though improved detection may hide this.

Still no deaths outside China, which is good.

Deaths: 259

Projection: 11,345 / 247

Via Wikipedia:–20_

@bjarni @rysiek Oculis Videre is my favorite song personally, but I think Gagnamagnið feels more Eurovision-y.

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My kid is watching the transformers movies. I forgot just how stupid they are.

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Well done Avast 👌👍
Finally what is nearer from a malware than an antivirus... AV could be an open door to your system and it leaks your private data to third parts...

Thanks to the HN front page my blog saw a 98,000 hit bump in traffic over two days. The visitors were global with North America only slightly over Europe. Perhaps most impressive, though, is the 3 visits I got from Antarctica! That's a first for me.

What does it look like when you hit the Hacker News front page?

Are you a lover? How about ? Check out the power of GNU Recutils for your lightweight database needs.

Two things stressing me out right now:

1) Gotta do my taxes on my own this year and deal with full time income & contractor income. I'm giving myself the month of Feb to figure it all out.

2) Need to study for and take the written and practical drivers test here in Iceland. I haven't had to take a driver's test since 1997, so this will be fun. :/

Listing these stressors will hopefully take some of the stress away.

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Hey everyone! My friend @Tylersax just joined the Fediverse. He's brand new to the whole thingy, but he's a very cool guy. Why not follow him and say hi.

@Tylersax - you should post a message with the hashtag and tell everyone about your hobbies. Use hashtags and stuff. Once you have that done and an avatar, people will flock your way.

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Been playing around w/ since I was 11, & w/ since that weird summer of 2014.

BA in Italianistics, doing an MA in English Linguistics since Fall 2019. Slowly working my way to becoming a researcher. My current interests are (and other non-TGG approaches).

When I'm not ranting about web or desktop computing, I toot interesting links, showerthoughts, and increasingly more linguistics stuff.

Stutter had eleventybillion updates today from improved word parsing to new keybindings. Update your browser extensions and get Stuttering!

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

In the latest StackOverflow bounty, a user is trying to redirect from a website to an app. If that app isn't installed, they want to go to the install page.

My answer explains that this is called a Deferred Deep Link and provides a simple javascript method of doing it using a hidden iFrame and a setTimeout.

Upvote's appreciated!

Proud dad moment: my boy is teaching two Icelandic boys from school how to play Pokemon: Silver edition on his Gameboy. They are enthralled. Minecraft has been turned off in favor of this new challenge. Language is no barrier in the quest for pikachu.

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