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We took a drive with a visitor to see a bunch of waterfalls within 30 minutes of home. Late November is still great sight-seeing time, apparently. You just need to dress for the weather.

Stick with the video until the end for some bonus footage.

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Looking for recommendations for a self-hosted #socialnetwork to organize a voter group. Easy sign up, notifications of events, publishing of how-to articles and reports from what the group is going to do. Good mobile support would be great.

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*I* used to be the only spinster on fediverse. The first. By Jove, I’m taking the word back right now.

Anyone who wants to “identify as a spinster” must not be a nazi/terf.

Thanks for your attention.

Google Cloud Print shutting down, because of course. just celebrated it's first year in operation. In 365 days we had 283 user-submitted logs to the QEC Relay 001. Amazing job everyone!

I'm putting together the year one anthology now and I'm just giddy. I'm rereading everything as I go and there's some truly great stuff here.

If you haven't been reading now is a great chance to jump in.

My son joined the scouts in Iceland this year. Here's a little video of his ceremony where he received his official neckerchief making him a "Dragon Scout".

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Hey, #NaNoWriMo people!

If you have not noticed, they added the feature to fix log entries. In the "Progress Updates" there are now little trash cans to get rid of entries, and you can also "+ Add a new update" to add the corrected entry. This one does accept and use both the date and time.

Need to back date an entry? This is how to do it.

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Proof-of-Concept of the new signalling system done without removing the old one.

Can anyone test on Safari please? Open a new tab, open the JS console, and navigate here:

Then, reload (so that the service worker kicks in); you should see "ServiceWorker: yes" in orange.

Make sure that you see this commit ID in the console and in both places at the page bottom: c223b08c

If all of this is true, check if in the console you have messages saying: "SamizdatInfo received!"

As the official spokesperson of Generation X, I just want to quickly let all the , , gen-zs, and so on know that you guys can take over everything as soon as its convenient. We applaud your dismissal of boomers and want to preemptively agree that we're terrible at everything. Seriously, we've known that our whole lives. It's nothing new.

Just do the things and fix the shit.

Thx! 💕

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Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives

For facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo, youtube, instagram, google play, google docs/calendar/maps, amazon books/kindle, ms windows, ms office, office, steam, minecraft, patreon, internet(!), grooveshark...

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KitKat is ditching plastic packaging for paper you can turn into origami "In an effort to attract KitKat lovers to buy this newly matte version, Nestlé Japan has designed the updated packaging to include instructions for how to fashion it, post-snack, into the iconic origami crane, a traditional Japanese messenger of thoughts and wishes. (The mini-bar bags also feature designs that encourage consumers to alchemize their trash into origami art.)

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I had originally shared a link to the host instance on peertube where this video is held, but Mastodon didn't magically turn it into a pretty embedded link. Maybe that peertube instance is running an older version? Anyway, I followed that user from my account on toobnix, then grabbed the toobnix link and look at the sexiness we now have! :D

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If you've been thinking about donating to EFF, this is a great time. It's thanks to our 30,000+ members and supporters that we're able to accomplish all of our work.

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