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Donate any amount today through 4 November, and not only will Mozilla match your donation, but you'll be entered to win a slew of prizes including limited edition Tor swag. #TakeBacktheInternet #SupportTor

This message is brought to you by delicious honeyed beef stew

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So, I solved my #GnuPG frustration by writing a #Python library for manipulating OpenPGP secret key passphrases:

pip install pgp_passtool


Fun project, although I still wish it hadn't been necessary. I also found and reported a bug in PGPy in the process:

Not bad for two days' hacking!
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google had to level up by killing RSS and XMPP before they could gain enough XP to kill email.

once they're done with that they will move on to the final boss of killing the web.

is coming up soon, and many of you writers are thinking, "ugh, I don't have it in me to do a full novel this year." That's okay! Why not come play along with us on instead. Write a few stories at your own pace.

Gitlab put a halt on their telemetry integration in the wake of the outcry. Too late for many, but at least they're paying attention.

Guiding an old work friend into the fediverse tonight. I need help with instance suggestions. Here's what he's into:

Marketing (he's a strategist), (he teaches), physical (he's a trainer), small planes (he's a ), , learning new stuff, outdoors, anti-mormon (ex Mormon), ,

So, whatcha got, fediverse?

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Would you like to join SDF Toobnix? Just send an request to the membership email address

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The .deb repository delivers 403 errors. Is there a new .deb repository I should add to my Update Manager?

I checked out the man(5) page for the conf file and it looks like it did indeed change to v2. I manually tweaked my copy and things are working again. Huzzah.

Did i see someone else on here having issues with letsencrypt v2 vs v1? After my openbsd upgrade acme-client is failing on the cron with a "bad CA paths" error. I think it's related.

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This is very surprising. No one could have ever guessed this would happen in a billion years.

> Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords

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We're looking for a Shadow Simulation Developer to help us develop cutting-edge network simulation / emulation software. Should have expertise in parallel program design and development. #developer #job

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Learn All About Double Edge Razor Blades - History, Developments, Advantages

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For around 12 years I have been taking these kind of photos for myself to use as my own desktop wallpapers. Now I've been wondering, others might enjoy this. Would you be interested if I shared this collection?

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