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Finally figured out how to get Firefox into dark mode on Linux. I thought I could just set the browser theme to dark, but apparently that's not sufficient. I had to use gnome tweak tool to change my desktop UI to a dark mode, then set Firefox back to default.

I've no idea if that's how it works on macos or windows. I hope the choices become easy for users. I want to start programming sites that respect the choice.

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Important update! The Spit Spreads Death parade has its own website. WHO KNEW?

"With a world-premiere of choral music created by Oscar nominated composer David Lang, sung by Philadelphia’s Grammy-award winning choir The Crossing."

You get to walk in the parade and hold up your cell phone playing the music (hope the livestream doesn't lag on it and get everybody out of sync) which is both weird and actually kinda cool.

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Corruption alert:

Forget FDA's feigned concerns about vaping. FDA approved Philip Morris' iQOS for sale in the U.S. (iQOS is quite popular already in some countries, such as Japan)

iQOS is just another e-cig except it's made by the Big Tobacco.

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Alright, instructions on running a BBS with tor are now up on git:

Please make comments, suggestions, etc. There is some formatting weirdness going on that I'll have to fix, and there are a Lot of topics I haven't covered yet.

*Connecting to a Tor BBS* will be it's own document that goes in to detail, but it should also be a section in this doc.

pull requests welcome!

politics, trump, impeachment 

looks like the cheeto is finally getting impeached. not that anything substantial will come from it other than extended insulation of criticism for biden and forcing republicans to raise their hand officially on whether they condone trump breaking the law.

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"If you die in Canada, you die in real life."

Anyone know if Al Jazeena has a text-only or minimal UI option like CNN's lite or NPR text sites?

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I finished up the #Gopher server I started writing yesterday.

Now you can "go for" my #GopherHole to see it in action


I could probably make it better by rewriting it. At 151 lines, I might at some point.

Also: The source is 5.7K while the file accompanying it is is 9.0K.

I've long held that my personal sexuality is irrelevant because I'm married. I'm married-sexual, as it were. But that ignores the help it can do to share publicly with others who may struggle with the fear of being different.

I have considered myself bisexual since high school, have had relationships with men and women and married a woman. I guess these days I'd have to amend that to being pan since trans people are sexy as hell too. Never dated one though.

Thanks @nydel for inspiring this

Ok, I gave gesture navigation a real try and I still hate it. It didn't become transparent to me, and I found myself screwing it up a lot. Mobile sites increasingly use side swiping for navigation, like on Mastodon, and it's way too easy to conflict with gestures. I also use the back action a lot in the web and the stretch to do a back-swipe is awkward one handed.

As of now I'm back on 3 button navigation

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I'm thinking of starting a new radio show on and that is IRC/Chat based Quizzo. If there were a group quiz radio program, would you participate?

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What’s the best way to transfer Google maps json to gpx format? I’ve got... heaps of geo points to transfer. There are online converters, and I found a few command line options, but no one has done a recent comparative review that I could duck. Thanks!

In a couple days the world is going to be full of people taking about the first day of Autumn. Please do me a favor and correct this widespread relabeling of our seasons.

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ICE, uspol, chef(?) 

apparently chef is cool doing devops work for ICE looks like i'll be cancelling a contract with them tomorrow

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