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GOG is so much better at providing games on linux that work than Steam. Doesn't Steam have a whole linux based OS or something? How are they so bad at it?

Today I migrated to fastmail. So far it is proving much more stable than neomailbox.

If there was a protocol/utility in *nix land called whistle(1), what would it be for and how would it work?

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Tilde Black will be upgrading to a v3 onion address later this week. If you use the service over tor, be sure to update your scripts soon.


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I'm trying out peertube hosting for the video content on that latest blog post. I wrote a little shortcode for peertube on Hugo to make things easier.

Use it like:

{{< peertube "" "videoguid" >}}


{{< peertube "" "1c72caaf-55af-4334-9b9b-2737bc0e66db" >}}

For those like me just getting started with peertube, here's a fantastic primer. I'd call this essential reading.

I'm getting set up on peertube over on SDF's toobnix site. If you're interested hit it up:

You can subscribe with mastodon apparently. I don't know what that does, but try it out!

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Pushed Asuka 0.5.0 which finally passes Conman's torture test (gemini://

Binary release will be updated later as I don't have my Linux machine with me.
By the way would OpenBSD binaries interest some of you?

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@tomasino @adamd @gemlog

There's no shame in not knowing better.

Now that you now better, you can feel shamed. :flan_tongue:โ€‹

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3 hour electronic music mix
here's how to tune in: point your media player to

@solene thanks for the help updating openbsd the other night. Today I noticed a log file had eaten up all the space on one partition and investigated. The Perl Encode module seemed to have gotten screwed up in the process. I figured out how to force-reinstall it and I'm updating the other modules for good measure too.

Not sure if that's a normal thing, or something unique to my config, but figured I'd mention it.

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@solderpunk oh, did I tell you is Gemini enabled with user spaces? Cause it is!

You probably saw my mailing list post, though.

@shakya great to see you on Mastodon! I miss your gopher content terribly. I hope you are well

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