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Get 40% off of all ebooks at @nostarch with coupon code DRMFREE40 - - for Day Against DRM.

Also: DRM is stupid.

@climagic I use a tiny thing in my nginx config to make my own ip lookup:

location /ip {
default_type text/plain;
return 200 $remote_addr;

Looks like this in practice:

@alexis lib is actually short for liberation, as in "the files in this folder empower us to _liberation_ from the state". It's all related!

@alexis those people are tools of the state designed to drive you mad

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@polychrome oh, also cod pieces! You need good cod pieces of you're gonna have a post apocalyptic marauder aesthetic.

@kensanata i like that too, but lately i've been actually playing really low volume drone music. Sometimes i do the Enterprise D engine hum for 12 hour loops.

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By the way: My team at Mozilla, Firefox Accounts, is still looking for a Senior Software Engineer. If this at all appeals to you, you should apply. Even if you think that maybe possibly you're not Senior enough.

@alexis @polychrome i want all the hats and hat culture. Tipping hats, taking them off indoors, the works. Hats are the best.

@polychrome once non neck beards start wearing them I think they can be salvaged. Fanny packs we're deeply ridiculed for years and now they're somehow back

@polychrome hats. I want classy hats back. Not ball caps, but derbies and bowlers and even (gasp) fedoras

@sparcipx that took me way too long to make in inkscape. I need to practice with it more.

(this update brought to you by "Finishing Shit and having a break before the next task" and the number "17")

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