@cosullivan you were getting a VPN anyway, right? Borders can't stop you anymore. I used zoho for a disposable once. Didn't care for the interface, but for trash emails, sure

@diddledan nicely done. I'm very close on a few but there's no http2 on OpenBSD yet

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"The not-so-secret life of boarding passes":
"What data you might be leaking publicly on that anachronistic piece of paper you discard in the seat in front of you. Turns out it is an awful lot more than you think…"

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@jirka Got Sunrise XP working on my Thinkpad (running Devuan) under Wine. If you're a fan on 1930s fiction, checkout 1436.ninja/AstoundingStories -- all complete issues from Project Gutenberg converted to plucker.

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NOTICE: SDF mastodon is getting a hardware upgrade this afternoon! It may be offline briefly while hardware is swapped around.

@gemlog it's lovely here, yes. we're past the high summer now so it's a bit more normal in light cycles

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@tomasino I am mostly over the no-show. I mailed a letter from Surrey BC to you. We are 75% likely to sign and move this week.

@cosullivan sorry nobody showed, but the gallery bit sounds lovely

@allenu you might not be in the right instance. It took me jumping around 6 times before I settled in sdf and found a local timeline with excellent overlap to my interests. Now I find a ton of engagement.

@cs that's the one I have linked from my gopher hole. It's cool that any link there serves the splitter message now

This is awesome. NPR gave me a legitimate choice to accept their cookies and have a fancy experience or get the raw content I wanted with their text-only site.

@ieure haha, well, you and I agree on the medium part even if we're opposed on the rebase workflow

"Why you should stop using git rebase."


This person wrote it up much more concisely than I've ever been able to. I don't like rebasing features or pull requests. I do like small interactive rebases to clean up a series of "in-progress" commits that happened in a single day.

Great read

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FYI, just used your useplaintext.email/ site to help explain to a non-technical colleague why HTML emails were problematic.

Thank you for creating a useful resource!

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One thing I always admired about pirates was the pirate code. The part I care about the most is how booty is shared. For example: "The Captain and Quartermaster to receive two shares of a prize: the master, boatswain, and gunner, one share and a half, and other officers one and quarter." ☠️ Just think about this! What if a CEO only ever got twice as much as everybody else? Twice as much was good enough for Captain Bartholomew Roberts!

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I'm interested in having a discussion about simple authentication schemes in gopher. Anyone who is interested please read my thoughts at


If you think this is an important issue, please boost. Thanks!

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