DM: "The super ninja sweeps his sword at your neck, channelling his years of training into one massive strike to deal the maximum damage."

ME (immune to physical damage): "I stand very still and cheer him on, saying, 'You are doing very well!'"

@cdmnky i think there's a setting buried in there somewhere, but it's such a dick

@cdmnky my character in this game is a ghost that embodies a shitload of moths. We're good. The GM didn't think this one through all the way.

"You are all completely trapped in the experiment cells. Your powers have no affect on the walls or doors."

"I pee on the door"

@cs they don't get union snack breaks. Just gotta work it in.

@gemlog I was bouncing back & forth between the two. Both were awesome.

@gemlog yeah, several dj's are doing shows on both now and it's fantastic. G. Love's show tonight is starting out with Danish Black Metal and i'm so into it.

I'm doing some ad-hoc streaming on tilderadio for a bit before G Love takes control a bit later. Come listen!

@vantablack you are getting further and further from your namesake each day

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Worldโ€™s third giki (Gemini wiki) is online, kids. Huzzah!

@vantablack did you drink the coffee? black coffee is the best!

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Anyone know if there is a #zine hosting site that works a bit like tapas etc? My google and duckduckgo-fu hasn't turned up anything.

#lookingforrecs #mastoart

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