@cb yep, big fan of static site gen and Hugo in particular

@kensanata I loved the series. Books 4 & 5 are a rough spot for many due to the dream world. I didn't mind that part. Book 6 was my favorite for a long time as it's the first to give POV to the Forsaken. Unfortunately things get extremely slow around books 10/11 right as Jordan got sick. A lot of friends stalled there. If you do keep going, Sanderson's final 3 are packed full of resolution action and fun. They do a phenomenal job finishing the series.

@kensanata my own exploration for Advent of Code this year is Ada. I was wondering what the exact opposite of Ada would be but now I know it's APL thanks to your post. Wow

@snowdusk_ change positions. If you hit a dream you don't like, flip to your other side or even turn around and sleep backwards in your bed.

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This is so awesome. A quarterly Lo-fi hip hop & chill bootleg mixtape, distributed exclusively through the .

Need a client to view Gemini? Try AV-98 by @solderpunk - tildegit.org/solderpunk/AV-98

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@liaizon was... was your hand attacked by a tiny octopus?

@Goldenrooster are you ok? I'm seeing a lot of posts but not really directed at anyone or a topic. Are you a bot?

@jk an unjustifiable bluster about the supremacy of American enterprise is the core of American identity. Just like the politics in the US, fact and logic have no meaning anymore.

You've done the right thing by unfollowing. Giving air bags room to vent just spreads the stench.

@ChristinaO oh I should have checked first. Do you still have your PO box? Something is on the way. I spaced and forgot you just moved and might not have it anymore

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