@ChrisWere thanks to your workflow video I'm now using a lot more appimages than before. These are so convenient, especially for gigantic apps that would otherwise install 10,000,000 libs.

Birbsite rant 

@skynebula ahh, exceptions for the things that were the prime motivators of the ban in the first place. Got it. Ugh.

Today brought in a bunch of new biz opportunities and that feels nice. Tomorrow I'm giving myself a half day so I can go downtown and laze about in some coffee houses before a JavaScript meetup. Woo!

@natecull 5 Year old me ate it up. My friends and I were going to build a space ship in our back yards

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Any savvy artist out there? I'm having a little trouble with PabloDraw and some ans files I made. I'll really apreciate your help.

@dervishe ugh, i have a touchscreen on my old XPS13 and I hate it. I forget about it for months and months and then go to brush away a hair and accidentally move a bunch of crap I didn't mean to.

@tek what talk was that and are there public slides?

@xmanmonk or Mexico could just say, "oh hey, you shot one of our civilians across the border. That's quite literally an act of war." Then they can take that to the UN and ask for sanctions in retaliation until the US complies.

@cdmnky I've got a Voyage and the wife has a Paperwhite. Good hardware out of those devices

@cdmnky ahh, the lovely Kindle DX was excellent for that, but sadly discontinued. Best of luck finding a good eink reader that works on comics.

@cdmnky I hate few things in computing more than self hosting email. Some people seem to have no problems but between spam issues and getting blacklisted by major hubs like Google, it became a nightmare for me. I use Fastmail now for most of my stuff. I have a Protonmail & Tutanota account, a Lavabit one, and a Rise-up. I use imap & thunderbird for most things now.

@p I mean, scientifically speaking, according to the latest research out of Cal Tech and the most recent peer reviewed publications I've read, isn't Alex Jones an actual adult diaper?

@cdmnky another option is to set it all up in a VM just the way you like it, then save that externally. When you wipe stuff and try a new OS, plop it back on and spin up the VM for fun & profit.

My hair is finally long enough that I can push it back over my ears. That's such a nice feeling I haven't experienced in 23 years.

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