just celebrated it's first year in operation. In 365 days we had 283 user-submitted logs to the QEC Relay 001. Amazing job everyone!

I'm putting together the year one anthology now and I'm just giddy. I'm rereading everything as I go and there's some truly great stuff here.

If you haven't been reading now is a great chance to jump in.

It's November and for some reason that means it's writing time! Do you have a story in you? Do you like sci-fi? Do you like hanging out in the terminal, or would you like to learn to use it? is a semi-collaborative universe of stories from humanity's stellar diaspora. You can join. It's free, low pressure, and fun!

Come write with us.

For those of you following along my main storyline on the Melchizedek crew has made a new and rather alarming discovery:

If you aren't following along, here's the complete logs for the Melchy:

If you're an author and would like to join us and write your own sci-fi adventures in our semi-collaborative space, check out how to join here:

I love when new writers join and I get to embark on a new storyline.

Here begins the story of Slantwise Convection --

Do you like to write stories? Why not join us and add to the fun. There's no pressure and we welcome writers at every skill level. Instructions for joining are on the Cosmic Voyage homepage.

If you are interested in joining our collaborative writing adventure,, and want to know how to join and how to participate, I've made a video guide that walks you through getting started.

Sadly, my laptop made the audio crunchy from minute 1-6:40, but it's still understandable. After that it clears up and things are smooth again. I'll shoot an updated cleaner version this weekend.


Fans of voyage or --

I made an asciinema promo of our awesome tilde community!

Come join us and add to the adventure is live on the web as wou well as gopher. We've got the basics in place for an awesome collaborative storytelling adventure.

If you want to join the tilde, send me the following:

1) your username (used internally on the system only)
2) your first ship name (used in the story)
3) a link or contents of a public ssh key for access

New phlog on exploring further ideas with Space Gopher. Are you into or creative ? Do you like ? Check it out: gopher://

Added another thing to the hole. This one is a cooperative fiction thing I'm doing with a friend. It's a bit of a game. There's no communication between us in planning the story other than the letters we write back and forth, which ARE the story. Oh, and it's a style .

Have a look:

Fans of and of , I've added another story to my gopher hole. This one is about four old friends who reunite following the death of one of their own. They set off on a hiking adventure to try and find comfort and closure. Instead, they find the vast distance that has grown between them as they each deal with the loss.


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