is live on the web as wou well as gopher. We've got the basics in place for an awesome collaborative storytelling adventure.

If you want to join the tilde, send me the following:

1) your username (used internally on the system only)
2) your first ship name (used in the story)
3) a link or contents of a public ssh key for access

I'm launching a shared storytelling platform/interactive RPG on soon. It has a sci-fi theme.

While I plan out the technical implementation, you can follow along with the budding backstory here:


or proxy -

New phlog on exploring further ideas with Space Gopher. Are you into or creative ? Do you like ? Check it out: gopher://

Pop on over to my hole and learn how to properly season and care for cast iron cookware in my latest phlog entry - gopher://

I've added some of the new sundog phlogs to my phlog aggregator. Check them out on at gopher://

Looks like both and are properly running modern gophernicus now! Fantastic! Thanks @SDF

So I installed termux and the style app, zoomed to get 80col wide in portrait, did vol-up + q to toggle extra keys, and launched lynx at my hole. Wow, that's really easy to use. I don't think I need to web proxy on mobile anymore.

I phlogged on about the fediverse and my complete and utter lack of understanding. Give it a read. Bring your giant tech brains and educate this ignorant fool.

You like writing letters by hand? Check out my latest on

got up, read news, social media (mastodon & gopher phlogs), checked weather, did some other routine junk... all on and irc. I really do have everything pretty nicely set up in the terminal

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