got a cease and desist let from ChooseCo, so sadly we're stopping the show and removing the web archives. If you want to listen to the historic stuff you can hit up my gopher hole.

Thanks to all the eager listeners each week. Maybe after the move I'll revisit a show under a new name.

Thanks to everyone who tuned into for our Statue of Liberty Adventure. If you missed it, you can catch the archive here:

1.5 hours until Choose Your Own Adventure! This time we have a new audio setup and will hopefully not have another catestrophic failure.

We're giving the Statue of Liberty Adventure another go. What's it about? No clue! What's the music? I picked it last week and forgot. Surprises gallore!

Tonight at 2300UTC CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE will journey back to 1907 on a journey to America in...

Statue of Liberty Adventure ( 58) by Ellen Kushner

With guest star, Wit!

A new author reached out to me with a grown-up CYOA book to read for free in exchange for an honest review. Should we read it on together?

I started my vacation this weekend and so I immediately got sick. :(

No again this week since it hurts to talk. Sorry folks

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for tonight. If you missed the fun or want to relive the good times, you can find the archive here:

Or check out older episodes here:


I'm getting word that may be having issues with stream switching. To be safe, best queue up for

Wit would like to introduce you all to tonight's adventure. Tune in at .net or .org at 2300UTC

listeners --- is still experiencing a glitch where DJ Rob's show is repeating all day instead of disconnecting on time.

In 1 hour, please tune into my show on instead.

Choose Your Own Adventure fans, tonight begins the new time-slot! starts an 2300hrs. That's 6PM EST this week (7pm next week with daylight savings starting).

Join me and my son for a deadly journey. Tune in on IRC or com to voice your choices.

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