Double rainbow all the way! For real, though... We had a bit of rain as we were hiking. The boy was on the lookout for rainbows and not using any luck until we came around this corner. This ๐ŸŒˆ looked so fake! It was easy too bright to be real.

Solar radio has a tiny array that can't power it's internal speaker (have to crank), but it does fine piping output to an external speaker. So I rigged that up to a different solar panel! Works great even on this rainy overcast day.

This is awesome. NPR gave me a legitimate choice to accept their cookies and have a fancy experience or get the raw content I wanted with their text-only site.

When dynamic ads that's drop in your location backfire...

There are no mosquitos in Iceland

Tonight's stream is titled "Tears in the Rain". Let's hope my internet holds out

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