I feel that people posting excerpts in their RSS feeds instead of full content basically ruins RSS.

@tomasino I hate that. I really wish people would publish proper feeds.

@tomasino It may have made sense a long time ago when available bandwidth was a tenth of what most people have now, but HTTP 2.0, gzip compression, and available bandwidth should be enough to send a 20 text/plain books of 32kb in size each in under five seconds, in most parts of the globe.

Yep. Medium seemed to do either this, or publish a half item or something, but seems to be inconsistent at least.

@tomasino @kensanata I feel that RSS readers that do anything more than tell me the author, date and title of the post to read are a nuisance and a security risk. I'd much rather read posts in a proper up-to-date browser where I can follow links, bookmark and so on as normal.

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