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What usenet clients do people use/recommend?

@ntk @satchmoz can you recommend some groups? I'm not sure what's around anymore and there's so much trash to weed through

@tomasino @satchmoz That's kind of vague, like "recommend some books." Depends on what you're interested in?

Tomasino @tomasino

@ntk @satchmoz hmm, cli, BBS's, gopher and other older protocols, comparative religion, crypto, haskell, vim, dvorak, back-country camping, ancient technology and frontier skills, dutch oven cooking, spinning yarn, board games and table-top RPGs. Got any of those?

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@tomasino @satchmoz in no particular order...
rec.backcountry* used to be lively but are pretty dead.

@satchmoz @tomasino eh, soc.religion is very dead. the more chatty ones are less general.